With General Elections expected this year, the Nationwide Bluedot poll has found Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, enjoying a 50% positive rating among Jamaicans.This compares to 22% having a positive perception of Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips.

The Nationwide Bluedot pollsters asked respondents “For each name or organization you recognize, do you have a positive, negative or no opinion of that person or group?”

11% said they have a very positive view of the Prime Minister compared to 3% for the Opposition Leader.

39% viewed Holness positively. While only 19% had a similar view of Phillips.

When the scores for very positive and positive are combined, 50% had a positive view of Holness.

While only 22% viewed Phillips positively.

On the very negative and negative side, 22% had a negative perception of the Opposition Leader and 7% very negative.

Making for an overall 29% negative rating for Phillips. This means the PNP Leader is under water because his negative rating is 7% more than his positive rating of 22%.

For the JLP Leader, 3% had a very negative view of him. While 14% had a negative view. That’s a total of 17%.

This means that the Prime Minister is well above water because his positive rating of 50% is almost three times that of his negative rating.

It’s significant to note that 33% of our respondents had no opinion of Holness. For Phillips, 49% said they had no opinion of him.

The Prime Minister is also running ahead of his party. 41% had a combined positive view of the governing JLP.

As against 19% who viewed it negatively and 40% saying they had no opinion of the governing party.

But, the PNP is polling ahead of its leader. 26% viewed the Opposition party positively and 25% negatively. 48% had no opinion of it.

The poll was conducted between December 2 and 19 among 1,431-respondents. It had a margin of error of less than 3%