Neika Lewis reports

A big majority of Jamaicans say the Holness Administration should get a second term in government.

That’s according to one of the findings of the Nationwide Bluedot polls conducted across the island between July 20 and August 6.

A two-third majority of registered voters say the Holness administration should be given a second term in government on election day, September 3.

According to the findings of the Nationwide Bluedot pollsters, 69-percent of the 12-hundred registered voters they interviewed told them the Holness administration should get a second term in office.

The respondents were asked “Based on their performance so far, do you think the JLP should get a second term in government.

31-percent said no.

The July 2020 finding is an improvement for the administration when compared to the December 2019 poll result. Bluedot asked the same question then.

At that time 61-percent said Holness should get a second term while 39-percent said no.

Now those saying yes have jumped 8-percentage points to 69 percent. Those saying the administration should not get a second term declined by 8-points – down from 39-to-31-percent.

If this finding holds true on election day in 3 weeks, it would be the first time in 53 years that the Jamaica Labour Party would be winning two consecutive contested general elections. The last it did so was in 1967.

The Nationwide Bluedot polls have a margin of error of 2.75-percent.