The results are in from St Ann South East where the PNP is seeking a candidate to replace outgoing MP Lisa Hanna but there is no clear winner.

The way is now clear for the party President Mark Golding to decide who will be the representative for the next general election.

The aspirants were Kenneth Russell who secured 358 or 46.2% of the delegates vote while while Wavell Hinds got 245 or 31.6% with Patricia Duncan Sutherland finishing with 171 or 22% of the votes cast.

The PNP is selecting a candidate in the seat considered a stronghold after Miss Hanna indicated she would not contest the next general elections.

The contest today was forced by protests among delegates and PNP activists against an attempt to use public opinion polls to determine the candidate.

Those opinion polls showed Wavell Hinds as the person favoured to represent the PNP.

However, several public protests forced the PNP secretariat to hold a run-off today.

Large numbers of people turned out at the Ferncourt High School, in Claremont St Ann from before 10 this morning, wearing shirts and displaying other paraphernalia supporting their candidates.