This is not the era for entitlement.

That’s the word from PNP Presidential aspirant Peter Bunting. 

He was responding to suggestions that the challenge may have been unfair to Party President, Dr. Peter Phillips who’s yet to face the people in a general election. 

He says he’s kept his political campaign focused on the good of the party rather than on himself. 

The Central Manchester MP says it was the right time to intervene as the party lacked hope.

Mr. Bunting says while the Jamaica Labour Party evolved and modernized the PNP remained unchanged despite data and research recommending major changes.

Meanwhile, the presidential hopeful sought to detail his perceived advantage if he were to challenge the Holness led PNP in the next general elections. 

Peter Bunting, PNP Presidential aspirant, and Central Manchester MP speaking last evening on Nationwide@5 with Cliff Hughes and Franklyn McKnight.