Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council, NRSC, Dr. Lucien Jones, is renewing calls for road users to be more vigilant in light of the latest data from the police that show a slight reduction of road fatalities involving pedestrians and motorcyclists.

The data show that as at September 10 this year, 59 pedestrians have died.

That’s 11 fewer when compared to the same period last year.

There have been 90 deaths involving motorcyclists, 1 fewer than the corresponding period in 2022.

Additionally, there were 51 deaths involving private motorcar users. This accounts for 18 fewer compared to last year.

There have been 26 deaths involving private motorcar passengers this year, compared to 48 last year, the biggest drop in terms of road users.

Despite the decline, Dr Jones says the situation is a cause for concern.

Dr. Lucien Jones, Vice Chairman of the NRSC.