The National Water Commission, NWC, is warning delinquent customers that a massive disconnection drive is now in effect.

The Commission says this follows offers to customers to settle their arrears under the COVID-19 Assistance Programme, CAP.

It’s also warning customers that non-payment could affect their credit rating.

Neika Lewis reports.

In a strident notice, the State-owned water company, NWC, warned delinquent customers to “Pay for it or lose it”.

It says the drive is to collect outstanding payments from customers who have arrears with the utility company.

The Commission says earlier this year, it made offers to delinquent customers to settle their arrears under the COVID-19 Assistance Programme. 

Under this arrangement, residential customers were offered a thirty per cent discount to settle their debt. 

The NWC says the CAP for residential customers was extended, after it was running for three months.

Additionally, commercial customers were also offered a twenty-five per cent discount to settle outstanding payments. 

Andrew Canon’s the Corporate Public Relations Manager at the NWC.

According to the NWC, based on its records, some customers abuse their arrangements, in that they rack up huge bills by using excessive water and then refuse to engage its commercial department to work out a payment plan. 

It says such delinquency must now be urgently addressed if the entity is to remain viable.

Meanwhile, the NWC’s also reminding customers that non-payment of their bills could affect their credit ratings. 

It says as at December 1, 2020, the company was empowered by law to provide credit information on its customers, if such information is requested by business entities.