The National Water Commission, NWC, is getting three extra months to meet two of the OUR’s guaranteed standards.

The Office of Utilities Regulation, OUR, has a set of guaranteed standards that NWC and JPS must provide to customers. If any of the standards are breached, customers must be compensated on their next bill.

The NWC hasn’t been able to meet the standards regarding meter installation, repair and replacement, which were to take effect April 15. One of the standards requires the NWC to install a meter on a customer’s request, within thirty days while the other gives the Water Commission up to twenty working days to verify, repair or replace a meter after being notified of a defect.

The NWC says there’ve been delays in the scheduling of meter testing dates with the Bureau of Standards Jamaica, BSJ, therefore, the OUR is giving them until July 15 to meet the standards.

The OUR says it’s asked the NWC to ensure that its customers are adequately notified of the suspension.