The National Water Commission, NWC, has lifted the prohibition notice that was in effect in sections of Kingston and St Andrew.

In a statement today, the Commission says it formally lifted the prohibition order on the weekend.

The Order was in effect since May this year.

While the prohibition was in effect, it was a crime to use water wastefully or excessively.

The NWC says the decision was made after the Commission recorded increased storage levels at its  catchment facilities following recent rainfall.

The Commission says the recent rainfall resulted in greater inflows to NWC sources that had been struggling after several months of below normal rainfall, especially in eastern and southern parishes.

The NWC says the storage levels at the Mona Reservoir increased to more than 65 per cent while the Hermitage Dam increased to more than 75 per cent over the weekend.

Mark Barnett is the President of the NWC.

Mr Barnett says while the NWC will be increasing output, with the restriction lifted some communities may still have water challenges until they’ve completed their adjustments.

Mark Barnett, President of the NWC speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

Under the Prohibition Order, certain offences deemed wasteful or excessive use of NWC-supplied water were punishable by a fine imposed by the parish courts after conviction.

Failure to pay the fine, would result in imprisonment for up to thirty days.