‘Trucking bill through the roof and revenues going south’.

That’s how President of the National Water Commission, NWC, Mark Barnett is describing the State-owned water company’s losses occasioned by drought and the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.

He says the NWC has suffered more than $2-billion in revenue losses.

Tauna Thomas reports.


The NWC President while speaking at the company’s quarterly media conference today made the revelation that since the first case of COVID-19 was recorded in Jamaica in March, the company has lost some $2-billion in revenues.

Mr. Barnett, during the virtual media conference declared that a combination of factors over the last 8 months has sent the NWC’s revenues going south.

The NWC boss says revenues from the State-owned water company’s  commercial customers dropped by 40%.

Meanwhile, the NWC has decided to discontinue its COVID-19 Assistance Programme, CAP.

The programme allowed persons with water bill arrears to access a discount – 30% for residential customers and 25 per cent for commercial customers.

But, Mr. Barnett says in order to remain viable, the NWC made the decision to discontinue the programme that had resulted in the company receiving reduced revenue.

The COVID-19 assistance programme is set to come to an end on November 30.

Tauna Thomas for Nationwide News.

In the meantime…the NWC President says the dip in revenues will not affect the state-owned water company’s pipe repair programme.

Mark Barnett, President of the National Water Commission, NWC.