Just under 208 million dollars!!

That’s how much was spent to repair roads for the visit of US President, Barack Obama.

The disclosure was made by the Ministry of Transport and Works after a request for information was made by Nationwide News.

The near 208 million dollars spent for the US President’s visit accounts for 56 percent — or more than half — of the total projected expenditure for patching and overlay works in the Corporate Area this fiscal year.

According to the Ministry of Transport, work done at Up-park Camp, Heroes Circle and Marescaux Road account for the bulk of the money spent.

A breakdown of the spending shows that more than 76 million dollars was spent on the overlay of road surfaces at JDF headquarters, while another 12 million was spent to overlay the flight deck there.

That’s more than 88 million dollars spent at Up Park Camp.

Heroes Circle got the second biggest sum.

More than 37 million dollars was spent to overlay the roadway in the vicinity of National Heroes Park, where Mr Obama laid a wreath at the war memorial.

Another 25 million dollars was spent to re-pave Marescaux Road, just north of Heroes Circle.

Patching and road overlay works took place at other locations where the Mr Obama went including at Jamaica House where just under 10 million was spent on driving surfaces.

The works at Mona Road cost over 6 million dollars; Oxford Road – over 10 million dollars; and Caledonia Crescent 8 million dollars.

Old Hope Road, HopeRoad, UWI Ring Road and Tom Redcam Avenue also benefited from patching work with costs ranging from between one and five million dollars.

According to the Transport Ministry, the funds will come from the 2015-2016 budget for patching and overlay works, which totals just over one billion dollars.

900 million of that amount is to be secured from the Road Maintenance Fund, with the remainder coming from the government’s Capital A budget.

The Transport Ministry also noted that the visit of the US President resulted in the National Works Agency amending the planned schedule for road works in order to focus on the routes that Mr Obama and his entourage would traverse.

It also included those roads that the Ministry had been requested to prepare as alternative routes for security reasons.