The Office of the Children’s Advocate, OCA, is probing an incident in which a female student of Cumberland High School in Portmore, St. Catherine, is seen on video being manhandled and beaten, by a man who onlookers claim is her father.

Nationwide News understands that the incident happened in Jobs Lane, in Spanish Town.

The video has gone viral.

The video begins with a man dressed in a pair of orange trousers and a grey t-shirt, collaring the schoolgirl and forcing her into the front passenger’s seat of a white station wagon.

The girl is dressed in her school uniform.

White blouse and blue skirt.

She’s holding a tablet computer in one hand and a knapsack on her back.

The man orders her into the car and slaps her in the face. The girl resists and attempts to strike the man in the face.

She manages to put down the tablet and again tries to hit the man, who has a tight grip on the collar of her blouse.

The girl uses expletives as she tells the man to let go of her.

The man then attempts to shove her onto the front passenger seat of the vehicle.

A small crowd gathers with persons urging the man not to abuse her in public.

Others urge the girl not to so openly disobey and disrespect her father.

The stockily built man manages to shove the girl onto the front seat of the vehicle and tries to use his body to pin her down as he rains blows on her.

But the girl is determined and kicks out at the man, even as the crowd builds and passing motorists slow down to see what’s happening.

Our news centre contacted Cumberland High School today and spoke to the Guidance Counsellor, Barbara James.

Miss James told us that she would not confirm or deny that the girl is indeed a student of the institution.

But she said the matter had been reported to the relevant authorities.

Children’s Advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison, says her office is actively investigating the matter.

She says regardless of her actions and her relationship to the man, no one has the right to brutalize a young girl.