Constant Spring Police seized one firearm and several rounds of ammunition during an operation in Red Hills, St. Andrew on Wednesday. 

One man was taken into custody in connection with the seizure.

35-year-old Dennis Hall, otherwise called ‘Short man’ and ‘Goat Milk’, of Carr Hill in the parish, has been charged with Illegal Possession of Firearm and Ammunition.

Reports are that just before midday on Wednesday, a police team conducted an operation in the area and searched a group of men.

During the search, they reportedly seized one Beretta pistol with a magazine containing twelve rounds of ammunition.

Hall is scheduled to appear before the Corporate Area Gun Court on October 31.

Detectives assigned to the St. James Police Division seized three point-4-0 rounds of ammunition on Granville Street on Wednesday.

Reports are that about 9:10 a.m., police were on an operation in the area when they searched a shop and found the ammunition.
No one was arrested.