The St. James Municipal Corporation is extending the beautification project ‘Operation Restore Paradise’ amounting to approximately $25.3-million.

A number of communities in Montego Bay will be benefiting from the road repair and beautification from ‘Operation restore paradise”.

At the corporation’s meeting on June 13, Chairman of the St. James Municipal Corporation and Mayor of Montego Bay, Councilor Homer Davis indicated the project will do some patching of potholes, painting of curb walls, and repair of drainage systems.

This project will also be looking at replacing street name signs and painting pedestrian crossings.

Operation Restore Paradise will primarily benefit the communities of Barnett Lane, Railway Lane and Hart Street.

The work is to be done by residents of the respective communities along with supervision from security forces.

The duration of this project should last for 90 days, ending the project in August. It seeks to make the parish of St. James easier to navigate for locals and visitors.

Operation Restore Paradise is part of the social intervention aspect under the State of Public Emergency (SOE).