The Office of the Prime Minister, OPM, is temporarily suspending operations at one of its buildings due to a suspected coronavirus case. 

However, a statement from OPM this morning says the building is not linked to the Executive building, and poses no exposure to the Prime Minister.

Permanent Secretary at OPM, Audrey Sewell says the building in question will be closed today for deep cleaning.

Mrs. Sewell says while there is no confirmed case, they’re taking every precaution at this time.

She says a member of staff at OPM has been advised by doctors to stay home after displaying flu-like symptoms over the weekend.

The employee did not turn up for work on Monday and has been responsible, by reporting the matter to the Director in charge of the division.

Mrs. Sewell says the Ministry of Health and Wellness has advised them to close the building for 24 hours and facilitate deep cleaning.

According to the statement, the building in question houses limited clerical office operations at the OPM and is not heavily trafficked or frequented by staff or visitors.