Opposition Spokesman on Agriculture, Dr. Dayton Campbell, is accusing portfolio Minister Karl Samuda of political victimization following the dismissal of former CEO of the Dairy Development Board, Hugh Graham.

Dr. Campbell made the allegation as he made his contribution to the Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives yesterday.

The House of Representatives descended into chaos yesterday after Dr. Campbell accused Minister Samuda of having Mr. Graham fired last week for failing to issue an importation license to a Colombian company for milk powder.

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Dr. Campbell says the Colombian company’s application for a license was initially declined by the Board.

This, as the country is not permitted as a source of dairy imports. But Dr. Campbell says the company appealed in April, last year.

He says Minister Samuda — after a meeting with the company’s principals in January this year — agreed to the license despite disapproval from technocrats.

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He says based on information from a member of the Board, Minister Samuda called for the firing of Mr. Graham for ‘disobeying his instructions’.

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A visibly upset Karl Samuda said Dr. Campbell’s statement was entirely erroneous.

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