Opposition Spokesman on Security, Fitz Jackson is calling on the government to rethink its approach to crime as the States of Emergency, SOEs, across the island are losing the desired effect.

Mr. Jackson was speaking on Nationwide this Morning with Patria- Kaye Aarons and Rodje Malcolm.

He also says the Opposition will be demanding greater data driven results in its consideration for further SOE extensions.

The Opposition Spokesman on Security says the SOEs are losing the desired result that they initially had in the first six months of being declared.

According to Mr. Jackson, despite the SOEs, there’s still an increase in crime because under the enhanced security measures, the perpetrators aren’t being apprehended.

He says what’s needed instead of additional SOEs is improved intelligence gathering by the Police.

Meanwhile, he explained why the Opposition continues to vote for SOE extensions.

However he says the Opposition has already noted that it will be demanding that the government presents greater data driven results when considering further extensions.