The People’s National Party (PNP) says the depth of corruption in the Holness administration has become cancerous.

Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, was reacting to the sacking of Education Minister, Ruel Reid, over damaging allegations of cronyism and nepotism.

Dr. Phillips was speaking this afternoon at an emergency media conference where he called for an extensive, unfettered investigation into the brewing scandal.

Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips says the malignancy taking root in the Holness administration needs to be cut out.

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Dr. Phillips argues that the hasty sacking of Minister Reid suggests Prime Minister Holness had full knowledge of the issues prior to the Opposition raising the concern in the public domain.

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Dr. Phillips says of particular concern is that one of the state agencies implicated in the latest allegations, the HEART/Trust NTA, now falls under the portfolio of the Office of the Prime Minister.

He’s also calling on the Prime Minister to learn from the Petrojam scandal and not to place portfolio responsibility for the Education Ministry under the remit of the OPM.

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