Opposition Leader Mark Golding is questioning whether there was political interference in the Financial Services Commission’s (FSC) oversight of the investment firm Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL).

Mr. Golding asked the question yesterday at a PNP National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in St. Ann.

He’s calling on Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke, and his predecessor Audley Shaw to reveal whether or not they were told that the FSC had labelled the SSL “a problem institution”.

The Opposition Leader says its puzzling how the SSL could have been allowed to continue doing business after being citing it for a number of breaches over the years.

Mr. Golding says this SSL multi million dollars fraud scandal has put Jamaica’s international reputation at risk and the government must move swiftly and with integrity to categorize the fallout.

Mark Golding, Leader of Opposition

Meanwhile, Opposition Spokesperson on Finance Julian Robinson is demanding full transparency regarding the actions of the FSC concerning the fraud at SSL.

He says the PNP has requested the help of the Auditor General.

Robinson also wants to know if government agencies have had prior history with SSL.

Robinson believes taxpayers have a right to know whether the FSC had investments with the SSL.

Julian Robinson, Opposition Spokesperson on Finance