There was drama in the House of Representatives as the contentious 2017/18 budget debate climaxed this afternoon.

The Opposition PNP walked out of the House as the Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, refused to yield to their taunts to roll back his tax package.

As the government held its position, the PNP members walked out as they chanted for the government to roll the $13.5-billion tax package.

There were dramatic scenes in the House of Representatives this afternoon as the 2017/2018 budget debate came to a rowdy end.

Minutes before the budget was approved, members of the Opposition walked out of the Parliament.

This, amid calls from the Opposition for the government to roll back its $13.5-billion tax package.

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Despite the heckling by the Opposition Minister Shaw continued in his praise of the budget.

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However, East Westmoreland MP Luther Buchanan accused the Finance Minister of misleading the country. This triggered a walkout by the Opposition just shortly after 4:00 PM.

Immediately after the opposition left the chambers West Kingston MP, Desmond McKenzie and West Portland MP, Daryl Vaz, in a mocking gesture occupied the seats of the former Opposition MP’s

The Finance Minister did, however, conclude his presentation in the absence of the Opposition.

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