The Opposition, PNP, is demanding that Prime Minister Andrew Holness halt proposed bauxite mining in sections of the Cockpit Country.

Opposition Spokesperson on Land and the Environment, Senator Sophia Fraser-Binns, says she’s disappointed with what she’s describing as the Andrew Holness-led administration’s decision to allow the Noranda Bauxite Company to mine in sections of the Cockpit Country.

In a statement Thursday afternoon, the Senator says she’s especially aggrieved by the lack of consultation with the Southern Trelawny Environment Agency and other stakeholders prior to the alleged decision and announcement. 

Senator Fraser-Binns says the Cockpit Country’s always been a protected area and any decision rendering its protection null and void, requires widespread consultation with stakeholder groups involved in environmental protection.

She says the alleged decision lacks transparency and is what Opposition Spokesperson describes as an affront to the Prime Minister’s own stated commitment to being “transparent, new and different”.

Mrs. Fraser-Binns is demanding the government immediately reverse the alleged decision to prevent any mobilization of equipment and personnel in the area to initiate destructive activities in the Cockpit country.

She’s urging the government not to destroy the rich history, natural value of the delicate ecosystem and rare endemic species in the area, for the sake of commercial profits.

She’s also calling on Prime Minister Holness to immediately halt the project for future generations.