The Office of Utilities Regulation, OUR, says it’s soon to hold consultations regarding its intention to launch a scheme for automatic compensation of customers having issues with their telecom providers.

In a statement this morning the OUR says it plans to consult with industry stakeholders and the public about the scheme for breaches of approved service standards by telecommunications operators.

The OUR says the move has become necessary amidst continuing complaints about disruption of voice and Internet services, from customers of FLOW and Digicel.

The regulator says it will be publishing the consultation document early in 2020.

Both the document and the comments received will be posted on the OUR’s website.

It says its final decision, following the consultation process, will take account of, and be informed by international best practices and comments received.

The OUR says this latest action represents ongoing efforts by the OUR to hold the telecommunications operators more accountable to their customers and provide redress for subpar service.