A 48-hour curfew has been declared in sections of the Parade Gardens community in Central Kingston.

The curfew started at 7:00 pm this evening and will run until 7:00 pm on Wednesday evening.

The curfew boundaries run:

North along East Queen Street from the intersection with Hanover Street to the intersection with South Camp Road;

East along South Camp Road from the intersection with East Queen Street to the intersection with Water Lane;

South along Water Lane from the intersection with South Camp Road to the intersection with Hanover Street;

And west along Hanover Street from the intersection with Water Lane to the intersection with East Queen Street.

In a statement, the JCF said people within the boundaries of the curfew may be required to remain within their homes for the duration of the security measure unless otherwise authorised by the Ground Commander.

Residents of the Southside and Tela-viv areas of Central Kingston have been crying out for intervention from the security forces.

Over the past three weeks, eight people have been killed in the police division.

The murders have been linked to the on-going turf war between the Genasyde and Darksyde Gangs.

The conflict has escalated in recent weeks with splinter groups affiliated with both gangs, trading bullets.

Residents expressed concern for their security last week Friday when Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang and Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson visited the area.

Member of Parliament for the Constituency, Donovan Williams and Councillor for the Rae Town Division, Rosalie Hamilton, also joined the Minister and Commissioner on the tour.