The parent of a student who attends Old Harbour High is raising concerns regarding the school’s hairstyle grooming policy.

She says the matter is not clearly outlined in the school’s rule book.

This after her daughter and another student were told to remove Bantu Knots or “Chiney Bumps” by the Vice Principal, Mrs. Turner-Dillion, due to the hairstyle being deemed inappropriate.

The parent is alleging the principal told the child remove the style from her hair.

The mother states that the rule book does not speak specifically to bantu knots as an inappropriate hairstyle, and her daughter wore the style on several occasions without being reprimanded.

The rule book has one line in relation to girls hairstyles that says “Hair should be modestly groomed. Students wearing elaborate or immodest hairstyles will be asked to correct these.”

The mother further explained that the interaction left her daughter feeling uncomfortable.

The mother says she has called the institution on several occasions but has not received a response.

The vice principal of the school has refused to comment on the matter.