Government and Opposition Members continue to make their cases in the Senate for and against an extension of the States of Public Emergency.

The enhanced security measure in place in 7 police divisions in Western Jamaica and the Corporate Area are set to expire in days.

There’s still uncertainty at this hour as to whether it will receive the vote of at least one Opposition Senator needed for a three month continuation.

While the government benches continue to hammer home the message of the clear crisis that is Jamaica’s murder rate the PNP Senators insist that there’s a better way.

Chevon Campbell reports.

Government Senator and Minister without Portfolio in the National Security Ministry, Mathew Samuda took charge of the motion in the Upper House.

He says Jamaica has been in a crisis as it relates to crime for his entire life.

The Senator pointed to Jamaica having one of the highest murder rates in a region already considered the most violent in the world.

However, Opposition Senator Dr. Floyd Morris chastised the government for failing to properly court the opposition whose support is required for the extension to be granted.

He says the government is not serious about tackling crime.

And, Opposition Senator Janice Allen says the States of Public Emergency have failed to meet their key performance indicators over the past three years.

She questions the purpose of utilizing the measure again.

However, Government Senator, Natalie Campbell Rodriguez, says the SOE’s have not been given sufficient time to reap long term success.

The debate continues in what’s shaping up to be a marathon sitting of the Senate.