The Petroleum of Corporation, PCJ, has confirmed the island’s third onshore live oil seep.

PCJ says tests by two separate independent laboratories have confirmed the oil seep, which was first identified in 2018. 

There are now a total of five oil and gas seeps both on and offshore.    

PCJ says the new oil seep offers no commercial prospects.

However, the discovery strengthens the emerging data which shows that Jamaica has a working petroleum system which is generating and expelling hydrocarbons to the surface. 

The PCJ says the find challenges the previous geological evolution of Jamaica and has identified a new oil family for exploration activity.

The country’s most well-known gas seep, the Windsor Gas seep, has been gently bubbling since the 1900’s, but the PCJ in partnership with CGG GeoConsulting found two live oil seeps onshore in 2016. 

Following this, the first offshore live oil seep was discovered by Tullow Oil in February 2017.

Recently, the PCJ also identified an additional live oil seep on-shore with the assistance of a citizen who contacted the Corporation to investigate an ‘oily substance’ found on her farm.

PCJ’s Oil and Gas Manager, Brian Richardson is encouraging the public to call them should they identify any substances they consider to be ‘oil-like’ so that they can investigate.