“Resigning is not on my agenda now!”

That’s the word from Member of Parliament for North Central Clarendon, Pearnel Charles Senior. The declaration comes amid reports that at least two prominent government officials are campaigning to replace him.

MP Charles is also dismissing accusations that his constituents have grown tired of his stewardship.

Pearnel Charles Snr. has been serving as MP for North Central Clarendon since 2002. A strident Charles Snr. says he has no plans to quit as MP anytime soon unless that’s the will of the constituency’s delegates.

The veteran MP’s suggesting he’s still full of vim, vigour and vitality.

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Communications Director in the Office of the Prime Minister, Robert Morgan, and the sitting MP’s son, Government Senator Pearnel Charles Junior, are reportedly campaigning to replace the veteran parliamentarian.

The Senior Charles confirmed that both men have expressed an interest in representing the constituency.

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Yesterday, former Councilor for the Mocho Division in Mr. Charles’ constituency, Alfred Francis, told Nationwide News that the constituents are disappointed with the veteran MP’s performance.

But Mr. Charles Senior is dismissing the claim suggesting the former Councillor has an axe to grind.

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And, Mr. Charles is also dismissing reports that he’s recommending his son, Pearnel Charles Junior, replace him as MP.

It’s reported that constituents expressed their anger at the veteran MP when he made the suggestion at a meeting in Mocho, Clarendon, last weekend.

However, Mr Charles says that wasn’t the case.

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