Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the government is working with a timeline of two years to fully establish a transparent and efficient system to measure the performance output of public sector workers.

The Prime Minister made the comment on Tuesday during the National Labour Day Project ceremony at a section of the PJ Patterson Highway.

Nora Gay Banton has the details.

Prime Minister Holness says government workers will be subjected to a management and accountability system under the public sector compensation review, that will help to determine if they deserve pay increases in the future.

He says a proper system of monitoring along with good compensation is crucial to transforming the public sector.

According to him, a performance management and accountability framework will enhance productivity.

Prime Minister Holness notes that accountability doesn’t stop with the political directorate; public sector workers too must be held to account.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister says the anomalies in the payment element of the compensation review exercise will be resolved.