Embattled Opposition Leader and PNP President, Dr Peter Phillips, says the party will do what it has to do after it meets with 15 of the 29 Opposition MPs who’ve written to him requesting a meeting about the future of the party.

Phillips issued the warning shortly after the PNP Executive meeting yesterday.

The PNP President says he’s not sure what’s the motivation of the 15 MPs who’ve written him.

Dr. Phillips said he does not object to meeting with the 15-MPs.

Dr. Peter Phillips, PNP President.

There’s been speculation about whether the 15 MPs intend to write Governor General Sir Patrick Allen and seek to have Phillips replaced as Opposition Leader.

Some Peter Phillips supporters have threatened to expel the 15-MPs if that move is made.

Nationwide News understands that during the Executive meeting of the PNP last night ,Dr. Phillips insisted that he’s fit and ready to lead the party into the next General Election.

The PNP President was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer.

Sources say the PNP President told the Executive meeting that outside of the major operation he did a few weeks ago, he has not felt unwell, either a day before or after the procedure..

Meanwhile, PNP Vice President, Mikael Phillips, is raising concerns about the move by the 15 MPs to write to the party president.

Mr. Phillips, who is also the Opposition Leader’s son, questioned the commitment of the MPs to the PNP and says such actions hurt the party.

Mikael Phillips, PNP Vice President.

In the meantime, PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson, says the party has scheduled a meeting of the parliamentary group for next Monday as per the request of the majority MP caucus.

Fifteen PNP MPs have called for a meeting with Dr. Phillips to discuss the future of the party.

North West St. Ann MP, Dr. Dayton Campbell, says the meeting is needed in light of recent circumstances including COVID-19 and concerns about the health of Dr. Phillips.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robinson says the PNP has also confirmed its full complement of standard bearers for the next General Elections.

He says preparations are also underway to bring all candidates up to speed.

Julian Robinson, General Secretary of the Peoples’ National Party, PNP.