Former Finance Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips, says he’s asked the Auditor General to investigate the sale of the Oceana Hotel in Downtown Kingston.

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Dr. Phillips is also defending the decision to sell the property, saying it was part of a deal to revitalize the Downtown area.

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He was speaking last evening at the PNP’s Springfield Divisional meeting at the Vauxhall High School.

In closing the budget debate in Parliament last week, Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, blasted the former administration for the multimillion-dollar transaction.

Mr. Shaw says the Simpson-Miller-administration entered into a contract to spend $400-million to renovate the ground floor of the Oceana Hotel to accommodate the Office of the Accountant General.

The agreement was made shortly after the Urban Development Corporation, sold the property for $385-million.

Mr. Shaw has questioned whether the transaction is good value for the Jamaican people, or if it was a sweetheart deal.

Meanwhile, Dr. Phillips says the Former PNP-administration had nothing to do with the transaction.

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