The incumbent candidate, Dr. Peter Phillips was nominated about an hour and a half after his challenger, Peter Bunting.

Dr Phillips arrived at the PNP headquarters with a large crowd in support.

He was flanked by several senior party officials including – KD Knight, Damion Crawford, Phillip Paulwell, Wykeham McNeil and Mikael Phillips.

Neika Lewis reports:

It was a jubilant One PNP decked in Orange, that emerged from the West.

Walking from the Indoor Sports Centre, up Stanton Terrace the crowd converged on the party’s 89 Old Hope Road Headquarters.

Dr Phillips backed by all four PNP Vice-Presidents including his son, Mikael Phillips, walked into the nomination centre shortly before 11am.

General Secretary Julian Robinson received Dr Phillips’ $100,000nomination fee.

Dr Phillips then lauded his team for their support and encouraged a clean election.

The incumbent President says he’s committed to creating a brighter future for Jamaicans.

Dr Phillips was, however, unable to address the large crowd gathered outside the nomination centre as he didn’t have a microphone.

Meanwhile, PNP Vice- President Damion Crawford, says he’s expecting a Dr Phillips win on September 7.