Dr. Peter Phillips is now the presumptive successor of Portia Simpson Miller as President of the People’s National Party.

He’s expected to step into the role next month unopposed.

Nomination for the presidency of the PNP closed today with the East Central St. Andrew Member of Parliament, being the only nominee.

A statement this afternoon from PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson, says Dr. Phillips is expected to be elected President by acclamation at a special delegates’ conference on March 26.

Dr. Phillips is to be appointed Opposition Leader following Portia Simpson Miller’s expected resignation on April 2.

Mr. Robinson says he’s pleased that the nomination exercise was seamless and took place in keeping with what he describes as the party’s ‘very strong democratic foundation and principles’.

Dr. Phillips, who’s 67-years-old, has failed twice in the past to become PNP President.

He’s now set to replace the woman who defeated him on both occasions.

And, Dr Peter Phillips is thanking members of the PNP for what he calls their ‘overwhelming demonstration of confidence’ in his ability to lead the party.

In a statement to the media this afternoon, Dr Phillips says the unity shown in the nomination process by members of the PNP will be critical for the country moving forward.

He says this comes at a time when the country urgently needs what he describes as ‘more effective governance’.

He again paid tribute to Portia Simpson Miller for her leadership of the party.

Dr. Phillips says he’s committed to the kind of leadership that will create a sense of national purpose in the party.

He says the conduct of comrades throughout the nomination process has given the clearest indication of the priority they place in the unity of the PNP as it embarks on a renewal process.