Dayton Campbell is back!

PNP President and Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, today announced the re-appointment of Dr. Dayton Campbell to the Shadow Cabinet.

Dr Campbell will be the Opposition’s Spokesman for Special Projects.

The North West St Ann MP previously served as the party’s Spokesman on Health before he was left out of the shadow cabinet last year.

Dr Campbell and two others were removed from the shadow cabinet after the sitting president won the presidential challenge mounted by Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting. 

Dr Campbell had served as Mr Bunting’s  Rise United campaign manager.

The PNP says Dr Campbell’s immediate task will be to prepare an implementation programme for priority projects, across all Ministries.

The programme’s to be undertaken by the next PNP Administration in their first 150 days.

Dr Phillips says the focus of such an implementation schedule is to jump start the process to transform social and economic inequalities dogging the nation for centuries.

Dr. Campbell’s welcoming his latest appointment.

He admits that he never saw it coming.

He says there’s been no resistance to his re- appointment as they are ‘One PNP’.

The party’s General Secretary, Julian Robinson, says Dr Dayton Campbell’s re-appointment to the party’s shadow cabinet, is an indication of the progress made in re-uniting the party.

Dr Campbell, who supported Peter Bunting in his challenge to party leader Dr Peter Phillips last year, has been re-appointed Shadow Minister with responsibility for Special Projects.

He’d lost his shadow portfolio of Health after Dr Phillips narrowly staved off Bunting’s challenge last September.

Mr Robinson says other similar appointments are to be expected.

Julian Robinson, PNP General Secretary, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.