Opposition Leader and PNP President, Dr Peter Phillips, on Sunday sought to reassure supporters of the 81-year-old party of his commitment to fairness and unity.

The party held its annual conference at the National Arena this past weekend.

This after marginally winning a bruising presidential contest earlier this month.

His challenger, Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting and several of Bunting’s campaign leaders including Dr. Angela Brown Burke, Dr. Dayton Campbell, and Mark Golding were in attendance.

Dr. Phillips took to the podium at the National Arena as thousands in orange and red, danced and celebrated his hold on the presidency.

He then proceeded to quote a psalm before greeting the party’s top brass including former Prime Minister PJ Patterson.

And, then he sought to address some in-house matters.

The PNP President got more crowd support when he lauded his challenger and proceeded to invite Mr. Bunting to center stage where they shook hands and hugged.

Dr. Phillips says he has listened to the issues raised during the campaign and will be taking on some of them.

Dr. Phillips then went on to celebrate the party’s four returning Vice Presidents.

Meanwhile, Mr Bunting and his campaign heads appeared to be sitting opposite the other MPs who supported Dr Phillips’ One PNP campaign.

But Mr Bunting told our newscentre it wasn’t deliberate.

He says he arrived late and took the seat he saw available.

And Mr Bunting also sought to explain why he never spoke at the Conference.

He says there was a push back from persons in the hierarchy in relation to him speaking at the conference.

Mr. Bunting says this led to his decision to cancel his speech and work in the coming weeks on a genuine reconciliation process.