Opposition Leader and PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips has written to Prime Minister Andrew Holness about what the party says is the corruption crisis rocking his administration.

The letter was delivered to Jamaica House this morning during the vigil.

In the letter, Dr. Phillips expressed concerns about a number of issues of national importance.

These he says include the unacceptable levels of crime and violence across the island and the unprecedented numerous instances of irregularities and corruption scandals occurring within the government.

Dr. Phillips argues that what he calls the ineffective responses and in some instances Mr. Holness’ silence as Head of Government, has created serious concerns, despair and frustration among citizens, including members of the PNP.

The Opposition Leader says this has resulted in the massive protest that occurred this morning.

He also contends that Jamaicans are distressed and afraid because of the daily wanton acts of crime and violence.

He says the Government has failed to present a crime control plan with a strategic and programmatic approach to the implementation of creative solutions and expected outcomes.

He also says the government’s continuing use of States of Emergency is simply not working or sustainable as a crime fighting measure.

And he also told the Prime Minister that the overwhelming majority of Jamaicans are disturbed and upset about the many instances of plundering of taxpayers’ money.

He says these are being uncovered in rapid succession in various government Ministries and agencies, since the advent of his Administration and continuing.