Veteran Member of Parliament, the PNP’s Robert Pickersgill has resigned as Chairman of the party’s North West St. Catherine constituency organization.

PNP insiders say Mr. Pickersgill has signalled that he intends to remain as MP until the next General Elections. He’s not expected to seek re-election.

Mr. Pickersgill has been replaced as constituency Chairman by the Councillor for Lluidas Vale division of the constituency, Hugh Graham.

Councillor Graham is considered the front-runner to be the next PNP candidate for the constituency at the next General Elections.

PNP insiders say a run-off between Mr. Graham and former PNP Deputy General Secretary, Raymond Pryce, has been tentatively set for early March.

However, moves are being made to have Pryce withdraw and seek to be the PNP candidate for another constituency.

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