Prime Minister Andrew Holness is encouraging Jamaicans to play their part in mitigating the effects of climate change by planting trees throughout the year. 

He made the call in his Labour Day address to the nation.

The Prime Minister notes that planting trees prevents soil erosion, supports biodiversity, reduces temperatures, provides food, and captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

On the matter of food security, Prime Minister Holness notes that global uncertainties have reinforced the need for Jamaica to have its own ‘backup food system’.

The Prime Minister is also urging citizens to use the roads with care and caution for a sustainable reduction in crashes and fatalities.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Labour Day 2023 is being observed under the theme “Plant a Tree… For Life, Promoting Climate Change Mitigation, Food Security & Road Safety”

The national project saw the Prime Minister, Cabinet members, the Opposition Leader and scores of people planting trees along the PJ Patterson Highway.