The Police High Command is refusing to confirm or deny word that it’s investigating information regarding a multi-million dollar hit on the life of Opposition Jamaica Labour Party leader, Andrew Holness.

Yesterday, JLP General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang and  Head of the Protective Services Branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Donovan Graham, confirmed that security has been boosted around the JLP leader.

Dr. Chang has also been assigned additional security.

Law enforcement sources told our news center last night that police have information indicating that a 7-million dollar bounty has been placed on the life of Andrew Holness.

According to Police sources, additional information is that gunmen, acting on the orders of two labour party members, have already been paid half of the money to kill Holness.

The rest of the money was to be paid upon completion of the job.

The Police have reportedly been told that the deadline to assassinate Holness is next week.

Deputy Commissioner, James Golding, is head of the Police Border and Security Branch, under which the Protective Services unit falls.

We outlined details provided by law enforcement sources to DCP Golding today, and asked whether it’s true that the Police are investigating a plot to kill the JLP leader.

This is what DCP Golding had to say.

Up to Wednesday of this week, some members of Holness’ security detail, who normally carry handguns, were armed with high powered weapons.

Senior security sources say an attempt last week to carry out the plan was thwarted, because it would have meant the possible killing of another JLP official.

It’s understood that the alleged plan to kill Holness is being motivated by bitter disputes within the Labour party.

Yesterday, Dr. Chang confirmed that Holness’ security has been boosted.

Today, a cautious DCP Golding would only say that any increase or decrease in security to Mr. Holness or Dr. Chang would have been based on information received.

Efforts to reach Mr. Holness for comment this afternoon were unsuccessful.