A dispute over ply board is being blamed for a murder in the Mountain View area last night, leading to a shoot out between feuding gangs early this morning.

The lower Mountain View area and Langston Road in St. Andrew remain tense this afternoon, and police are still urging the public to avoid the area if possible.

According to police, there was a stand off between persons from Jacques Road and Goodridge Lane.

Head of the Kingston East Police, Superintendent Victor Hamilton says they’re making several strategic interventions to restore calm.

Around minutes to 7 this morning, the Police issued an advisory urging people to avoid lower Mountain View and Langston Road.

Preliminary reports say there was a shoot out between two local gangs.

Superintendent Hamilton says this morning’s shoot out was the result of a killing last evening in one of the two communities.

Superintendent Hamilton says the feud stems from a conflict last week.

He says they’ve deployed more security personnel to the area and strategic interventions are being planned to address the conflict.

Meanwhile, he says the advisory for motorists and commuters to avoid the area remains in effect.

Tauna Thomas for Nationwide News