Chevon Campbell reports.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says utter nonsense being spouted by false prophets is undermining the government’s attempt to increase COVID-19 vaccinations.

He delivered a stinging rebuke of what he sees as rubbish during a handing over ceremony of a genome sequencing machine to the National Influenza Centre at the University Hospital of the West Indies in St Andrew.

The Prime Minister says it’s essential that health professionals do more to educate the public about the safety of vaccines.

The Prime Minister says health professions must come to the fore to inform the public.

He says the public space is being dominated by what he describes as quacks and pseudo-intellectuals.

The Prime Minister’s comments come in light of an alleged ritualistic sacrifice on Sunday on the compound of the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries in Albion, St James.

Police are investigating the bizarre act where two people at the church allegedly had their throats cut by other members at the instruction of the church leader Kevin Smith.

It’s understood that Smith had decried the use of the COVID-19 vaccine as the mark of the beast.

The Prime Minister says authoritative places of education such as the University of the West Indies have a duty to push back.

The Prime Minister is also warning Jamaicans to be cautious about their consumption of social media.

With the country’s vaccination programme slowing down drastically, the nation is faced with the tragic possibility of dumping thousands of more doses of the AstraZeneca branded COVID-19 vaccine which expires at the end of this month.

With the country in a race against time, the Prime Minister is urging Jamaicans to make the link between vaccinations and their own personal health.