Prime Minister-designate, Andrew Holness, along with Audley Shaw, Fayval Williams and Aubyn Hill today met with Financial Secretary Devon Rowe and other officials of the Finance Ministry to discuss the budget process and receive an update on the IMF agreement.

Mr. Holness and his team also discussed the quickest route to presenting the budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

In a statement today, Mr. Holness says the discussion was useful as it informed the incoming JLP administration of critical issues and events that need to be addressed upon taking office.

He says the meeting was part of critical steps being taken by him to take charge of the Government and ensure a smooth transition of political administrations.

According to Mr. Holness, the proper management of the budget process is important to effectively plan and coordinate the operations of the state.

He says the incoming JLP government is committed to crafting a budget that represents the interest of Jamaicans.

Mr. Holness says the JLP’s priorities are well established and that the incoming administration is committed to delivering on the undertakings given to the electorate.