Prime Minister Andrew Holness has forgone the massive pay hike afforded him under the restructuring of salaries for politicians.

The concessionary act means the Prime Minister will continue to receive remuneration at the previous rate of just over $9 million annually.

This adjustment will not affect the increases granted to Cabinet Ministers and other political officials. This means the Prime Minister will earn less than a sitting Member of Parliament.

Despite the backlash from several parts of the country over the salary increases, Mr. Holness urged his fellow MPs and Ministers to embrace their new salaries.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister also announced the implementation of sweeping accountability changes for both Ministers and Parliamentarians.

He says a code of ethics for MPs is on its way, coupled with harsh financial penalties for unexcused absences from Gordon House.

Each MP will also be required to submit an accountability report annually, while Ministers will be required to submit their key performance indicators at the start of each financial year.

Mr. Holness made it clear that ultimately he and his ilk must give account to the Jamaican people.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.