Prime Minister Andrew Holness is pleading with the Parliamentary Opposition for the consensus he says is necessary to address the nation’s crime problem. 

The Prime Minister was speaking during a debate on Tuesday before parliamentarians voted to extend the State of Emergency in the St Andrew South Police Division.

Mr Holness noted that it was a collaborative effort which allowed the nation to successfully complete the International Monetary Fund, IMF, programme and reduce the its debts. 

And, Mr. Holness says the back and forth debating over the efficiency and the appropriateness of the State of Emergency, is confusing the public. 

He argues that a consensus on crime similar to what was achieved on the economy could bring murders down to  about 500 per year. 

Mr Holness says he’s to meet with Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips on how to move forward on matters relating to crime.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, addressing the House of Representatives on Tuesday.