The People’s National Party, PNP, is expressing concern that certain parish councils are being targeted for investigation, for political reasons.

The PNP’s National Caucus of Councilors sent out a statement today, on the heels of concerns raised by Spanish Town Mayor, Norman Scott.

Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew, Angela Brown Burke, says she’s not opposed to parish councils being audited, but rather, the way in which this is taking place.

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Officials from the Office of the Contractor General, OCG, as well as the Major Organized Crime and Anti Corruption Agency, MOCA, raided the St. Catherine Parish Council yesterday.

Last week, officials did the same at the Manchester and Clarendon Parish Councils.

The PNP Caucus of Councilors says they’re extremely concerned at the approach being taken in these raids and audits.

They say the sensational approach seems to be a deliberate attempt to present the local authorities as corrupt.

They say they are forced to assume that the motives and actions are political in nature, and aimed at discrediting the local authorities in light of the pending local government elections.

Senator Brown Burke says there must be another way.

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