The Opposition, PNP says there’s strong support for an EPOC- like body to monitor and execute an anti-crime measure proposed at its anti-crime summit.

EPOC ‘s the government’s economic oversight committee which monitors and evaluates the country’s economic performance.

President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, PSOJ, Howard Mitchell called on the government and the Opposition to implement the EPOC- like body to determine the framework for crime prevention. 

He says the special body will provide the required extraordinary resources and monitoring to execute a crime plan.

In a statement yesterday following the PNP anti-crime summit, the PNP called for the examination of several probes and other JCF strategic reports.
The probe dates back to the Wolfe Report and the Report from the Commission of Enquiry on the Tivoli Incursion.

The Opposition says it agrees the reports must be re-examined and the recommendations implemented urgently.

Meanwhile, the party says there’s an urgent need for changes in the system of public education including programmes of values and attitudes in schools. 

It also called for greater financial support to entities engaged in violence interruption, such as Peace Management Initiative, PMI and Women’s groups.

It’s also calling for support for a Safety and Security programme for university students.