People’s National Party, Vice President Damion Crawford, says public outrage over a part of the party’s manifesto is unwarranted.

The PNP is promising a $3000 credit toward electricity bills monthly for some households as part of it’s Wealthy Plan released last evening.

The WEALTHY Plan stands for Water, Employment, Access, Land Ownership, Technology, Housing and Youth. The PNP as part of it’s WEALTHY plan is also promising a thousand dollar credit toward water bills.

Mr Crawford is Chair person of the PNP’s Manifesto committee.

He also reacted to questions about why the PNP’s Finance Spokesperson, Mark Golding is not the front man promoting the manifesto.

He says Mr Golding is preparing for his General Election Debates for tonight against the JLP’s Dr Nigel Clarke.

Damion Crawford, PNP Vice president and Chairperson of the party’s Manifesto committee.

He was speaking on Cliff Hughes Online with Mark Wignall.