Nationwide News understands that PNP Chairman, Robert Pickersgill, has summoned members of the party’s executive to a special meeting.

This as the party’s top brass moves to determine the way forward in the increasingly fractious battle to succeed Portia Simpson Miller as Member of Parliament for South West St. Andrew.

The special PNP executive meeting is to take place at 5:00 tomorrow afternoon.

The executive is to determine whether to accept a recommendation from the party’s officer corp to re-open the application process for comrades interested in succeeding Mrs. Simpson Miller.

A re-opening of the process would pave the way for Angela Brown Burke to be considered as a candidate.

Brown Burke did not submit an application during the 3-day period for letters of interest.

The PNP Chairman’s move to summon members of the party’s top brass come as for a second consecutive day some furious delegates in the constituency continue to publicly lash out at what they say are moves to impose Mrs. Brown Burke as their parliamentary representative.

Yesterday – Mrs. Brown Burke told Cliff Hughes on Nationwide@5 that she’s not a puppet and denied being part of a move by forces in East Kingston to push Mrs. Simpson Miller to endorse her.

But this PNP delegate in Greenwich Town told our news center this afternoon that she does not believe the PNP Vice President.

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The delegate is urging Dr. Phillips and the PNP executive not to facilitate Mrs. Brown Burke being imposed on the constituency.

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This delegate from Whitfield Town says he’s not convinced by the Brown Burke endorsement because Mrs.Simpson Miller had said she’d consult delegates and that has not taken place.

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Another delegate from the Payne Land Division in the constituency says she’s shocked at Mrs. Simpson Miller endorsement.

The delegate is cautioning Mrs. Brown Burke.

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