Members of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica, who were nominated by the Opposition People’s National Party, PNP, are breaking ranks with the entity this afternoon.

The move comes in relation to the Commission’s rejection of claims of political interference made by former Director of Elections, Orrette Fisher.

Last week, Mr. Fisher released letters he’d sent to the ECJ.

One dating back to 2015, which outlined threats he’d received from one of the members of the Commission; the Jamaica Labour Party’s Aundre Franklin.

The PNP’s Julian Robinson, said he’d not seen Mr. Fisher’s letters when he gave his approval for a statement to the media from the ECJ.

The ECJ statement sought to assure that the Commission and the EOJ were free from political interference.

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Nationwide News asked Mr. Robinson, if he’d asked the ECJ to share Mr. Fisher’s resignation letter with all the Commissioners including himself.

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Last week, the Chairman of the ECJ, Dorothy Pine McLarty said the former Director of Elections was mistaking the robust nature of the exchanges with interference in the electoral process. But Mr. Robinson disagrees.

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Julian Robinson, a representative of the PNP on the Electoral Commission of Jamaica.

Mr. Fisher also told Nationwide News that the incidents of what he called ‘political influence’ came from both PNP and the JLP members of the commission.

Mr. Robinson, who joined the ECJ July last year, says he’s not aware of any incident in which PNP members have disrespected or sought to influence Mr. Fisher.

And the other PNP representative on the ECJ, Wensworth Skeffery, says he’s seen Mr. Franklin disrespecting Mr. Fisher.

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