Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips is warning that he may take the Integrity Commission to court, if they aren’t forthcoming about the delay in publishing the Prime Minister’s statutory declarations by the end of this week.

In a statement, Dr. Phillips indicated that he would instruct his lawyers to seek a writ in the Supreme Court ordering the Integrity Commission to carry out its statutory obligations.

Dr. Phillips says the delay in the release of the Prime Minister’s statutory declarations is unacceptable. He says it’s in the national interest that the country’s laws are upheld and national institutions comply.

The Opposition Leader says the lack of urgency displayed by the Prime Minister strikes at the heart of his position as Chief Steward of the country.

He also says the delay gives the impression that the Country‚Äôs laws were made only for some while others can flout them without consequence.

Dr. Phillips says the issue is not about any challenge of the Prime Minister’s rights to resources.

However, he says there’s a need for public servants to be accountable by adhering to accountability and integrity laws .

Dr. Phillips notes that this is even more critical against the background of what he’s describing as unprecedented levels of financial scandals under the Holness Administration.

On July 22, Parliamentary Secretary, Robert Morgan told Nationwide News the Prime Minister’s statutory declarations would’ve been published that week.