Co-Director of the PNP’s election campaign, Peter Bunting says the new appointments by PNP President Dr. Peter Phillips ahead of the general election is a move by the party to put its best team forward.

Mr. Bunting who was speaking on Cliff Hughes Online this morning says there’s more to come as the party readies its election machinery.

He says the move to appoint him as Co-Campaign Director is not just a symbolic gesture.

Mr. Bunting says while he will not preempt the party’s formal announcements on its common message heading into the next general elections, the PNP has always been a party that focuses on the people.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bunting explained how both he and his Co-Director Phillip Pauwell might be splitting their campaign duties.

Peter Bunting, Co-Director of the PNP’s election campaign.

Mr. Bunting responded to whether or not the letter that was written to Dr.Phillips requesting a meeting about the future of the party may’ve influenced the party’s leader’s move.

Mr. Bunting says coming out of the recent meeting, he’s now very positive about the future of the party.

And the Co-Campaign Director expressed that he’s confident the PNP could win the next general election by executing an effective campaign and branding the party an attractive alternative to the Jamaica Labour Party.

Peter Bunting, Co-Director of the PNP’s election campaign.