Chevon Campbell tells us more.

The People’s National Party says they’ve activated the Party’s Internal Affairs Commission and its Disciplinary Committee to take the necessary steps to forge harmony and cohesiveness within the PNP.

The statement issued late last evening was signed by the Executive of the party.

Issued during a time of turmoil and upheaval in the PNP it says the internal mechanisms of the party will ensure adherence to its Constitution and Code of Conduct.

The statement was signed by President Mark Golding and two of the Party’s Vice Presidents, Phillip Paulwell and Mikael Phillips.

Vice President’s Damion Crawford and Wykham McNeill were unavailable at the time of signing and agreed to have Mr. Golding and Mr. Paulwell sign on their behalves.

It was also signed by Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Peter Bunting.

The other signatories included PNP General Secretary, Dr. Dayton Campbell, Deputy Chairman, Horace Dalley and Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives, Anthony Hylton, among others.

The statement came about from what the officers of the party have called Unity Conversations.

It says as Officers of the PNP, they will make a common commitment to work together to ensure that the Party continues on its mission of building equality and social justice.

The statement says the officers know that if they are able to work together and build trust and unity among themselves and the wider Party, the PNP will be a formidable and unstoppable force.

It says through the Unity Conversations, which commenced in January 2021, the party has recommitted to working together.

It says it’s clear that there’s much more that unites the PNP than divides it.

The statement also references the Unity Committee, which the Officers thank for its work, and looks forward to proceeding with the immediate next steps to engage the Executive, Parliamentary Groups, Regional Bodies and Arms and Affiliates in these conversations.

The statement says the party will work with the Unity Committee and the wider PNP to deploy Regional Unity Builders and Mediators to proactively address issues as they arise from time to time.

In addition, the Executive has activated the Party’s Internal Affairs Commission and its Disciplinary Committee.

These have been activated to take the necessary steps to forge the harmony and cohesiveness that a strong organization requires, and to ensure adherence to the Party’s Constitution and Code of Conduct.

The PNP has been rocked with internal strife since its defeat in the 2020 General Elections.

The internal divisions have seemingly been made worse due to the sex scandal which has erupted around Party General Secretary Dayton Campbell.

Chevon Campbell for Nationwide News.